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    Child pornography is on the rise. It is a business that makes millions. Due to the increasing amounts of this material, criminal justice officials are trying to crack down on the production and distribution of pornographic materials featuring children. Those found guilty of possession may face harsh sentences. Those wrongly accused of this crime may be particularly nervous about being found guilty. Luckily, there are ways to prove one’s innocence.

    People can be falsely charged with possession of child pornography if they share a computer with other individuals, or if someone else has access to an individual’s personal computer. An individual may try to avoid being caught by using someone else’s computer to download or distribute this material. This can occur in businesses where a person will have access to multiple computers.

    Spam is another reason why people are falsely charged with this crime. A person can accidentally download these images without even realizing what the images were in the first place. This is an unfortunate occurrence that can lead to a wrongful conviction.

    It can be difficult for a prosecutor to prove that someone is guilty of distributing this type of material. They must have strong evidence in order for a child pornography conviction to occur.

    Even if found guilty of the crime, a good defense lawyer may be able to help you have the charges against you reduced in severity. Although working with a criminal defense lawyer cannot guarantee a victory in your case, it can greatly increase your chances of receiving a favorable outcome in your case.

    If you are looking for information on child pornography defense, visit the website of the Milwaukee sex crime defense attorneys of Kohler & Hart, LLP.

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